Power Inverter/Charger
MUST inverter/chargers are available in different sizes and power rangers to suit just about any application. When AC power is available, the inverter/charger recharges the house batteries. When AC power is disconnected, the unit inverts DC battery power into AC electricity.
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Featured Products
EP1500 PLUS Power Inverter/Charger (600W) Image
EP1500 PLUS Power Inverter/Charger (600W)
EP1500 PLUS series is a pure sine wave inverter applied to TV, stereos, laptops, and desktop computers and other home appliances. It will automatically switch to inverter and provide power when AC is interrupted unexpectedly.It's perfect for the user who need a simple and economical inverter,with user-friendly installation and setting.
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EP3000 Pro Power Inverter/Charger (8/10/12KW) Image
EP3000 Pro Power Inverter/Charger (8/10/12KW)
Low frequency pure sine wave combined inverter&A/C charger EP3000 PRO Series 8 -12kw; Quiet,high efficiency operation front panel LED+LCD indicators and adjustable switch selectors selectable settings for flooded lead acid,Gel,or absorbed glass mat(AGM) batteries. Mainly for home and office applicances such as TV, refrigerator, fans lights and computers etc.
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EP3000 LV2 Power Inverter/Charger (AC:120V 1-6KW) Image
EP3000 LV2 Power Inverter/Charger (AC:120V 1-6KW)
EP3000 LV2 series is very economical pure sine wave inverter, special in north & south america market, and AC charger from 35A to 70A .Solar/AC priority configurable . When solar priority , in case its charge current lower than inverter’s charger from AC , AC will supplement to charge the batteries , to optimize charging. With low frequency transformer ,it enable the inverter to operate with all kinds of home appliances.
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EP3300 TLV Split Phase Power Inverter/Charger (1-6KW) Image
EP3300 TLV Split Phase Power Inverter/Charger (1-6KW)
This split phase inverter EP3300 TLV series, capacity from 1KW-6KW, DC 12V/24V/48V, it’s applicable to 110VAC/120VAC markets demands, which matches AC 110VAC/120V single phase, or two phase 220V/240V; In LCD display, you can set output voltage, frequency, charging voltage, charging current to design best use based on different loads applications; meanwhile, you can also connect extra solar charge controller to build a solar home system, take use of sunshine freely and save electricity bills.
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Other Power Inverter/Charger
EP1100 Pro Power Inverter/Charger (1.2/2.4KVA) Image
EP1100 Pro Power Inverter/Charger (1.2/2.4KVA)
EP1500 Power Inverter/Charger (1/2KVA) Image
EP1500 Power Inverter/Charger (1/2KVA)
EP1800 Power Inverter/Charger (1-5KW) Image
EP1800 Power Inverter/Charger (1-5KW)
EP2000 Pro Power Inverter/Charger (300-1000W) Image
EP2000 Pro Power Inverter/Charger (300-1000W)
EP3000 PLUS Power Inverter/Charger (1-6KW) Image
EP3000 PLUS Power Inverter/Charger (1-6KW)
EP5000 Rack-mounted Power Inverter/Charger (3-5KW) Image
EP5000 Rack-mounted Power Inverter/Charger (3-5KW)
PI1500 DC to AC Inverter/Converter 300W Image
PI1500 DC to AC Inverter/Converter 300W
PI1500 DC to AC Inverter/Converter 600W Image
PI1500 DC to AC Inverter/Converter 600W
PI1500 DC to AC Inverter/Converter 1000W Image
PI1500 DC to AC Inverter/Converter 1000W
MUST Company
Must Energy Group
MUST factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China with more than 500 staffs since 1998. There are branches in Shenzhen city. MUST Factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters with automatic production technology. Main products: solar inverter, lithium battery, portable power station, solar charge controller, uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The products are widely used in home and office energy system around more than 100 counties. ------------------------------------ MUST Poland address: ul. Pandy 14, 02-202 Warszawa, Poland Contact: European area manager, Ariel Du +48 517 379 714 ------------------------------------ Dubai Office Add: Bayt Al Muraqqabat 03 - Deira Dubai Tel: +971556406697 ------------------------------------ Bulgaria distributor: Company name: IC Energy Ltd. Contact: Hristo Chankov Email: Tel: +359 895222782 Website: ------------------------------------ UAE Distributor Company: ABDUL ZAHIR BASHIR Contact: Rabi Bashiri  | Sales Manager Tel: +971 4 2238253 | Fax: +971 4 2230464 Email: Web: Address: P.O.Box: 14085, Baniyas Square, Behind Landmark Hotel, China Optical Center Building, Ground Floor, Shop No. 2,3,4 Deira, Dubai, U.A.E.
More about the company
Country of origin
Guangdong, China
Year established
Main product
Solar Energy Storage System, Solar Inverter, Lithium Battery, Solar Charge Controller, Power Inverter, Portable Power Station etc.
Business type
Manufacturer, Factory
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